Meeting the People Where They are, Or Meeting the People Where They Need to Be? – Abu Suhayl Anwar Wright

We have heard some statements from one of the callers to desires and misguidance here in Philadelphia whose goal, ultimately, is do away with the commanding of good and forbidding of evil, and to allow the people to do and say whatever pleases them from sin, transgression and innovation, without there being anyone to censure those statements and actions, or look down upon them. His speech is in line with the old statement of some common folk prevalent some years ago “Allah knows what’s in my heart” or “Only Allah can judge me.” These statements contain truth, but what is intended by them is to leave off censuring and rebuking open acts of disobedience, innovation, and other matters they commit which contradict the lofty Religion of Islam . The only difference now is that these new statements emanate from an individual who ascribes to knowledge and carries a degree from the Islamic University of al Madinah. His dubious statements only give ammunition to people who follow their desires and practice Islam in a way that suits their desires without there being anyone who can advise, rebuke, or censure them.

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