Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee: You Want to Save Him, But He wants to Revile You by Saying: You Have Nothing but Refutations!

The Noble Scholar, al-’Allaamah Muhammad Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee – hafidhahullaah – said,


“So this is the obligation upon us with regards to him.  Whenever he refutes to clarify the error and to decrease the numbers of those who fall into it and to have mercy upon the one who has erred so that no one else will follow him in that error, then his right upon us is that we honour him, not that we revile him for it.

Now the opposite occurs in these days.  The refutations are not widely spread amongst many of the people!  Instead, war is waged against the correct Sharee’ah legislated refutations, which clarify the truth and guide the creation to the command of Allaah the Blessed and Most High!  ‘They do not have anything but refutations, refutations, refutations, refutations, refutations,’ they give utterance to this speech!!

And they do not realize that these refutations:

  • Safeguard the Religion of Allaah;
  • Protect the creation of Allaah.

So the Religion of Allaah is safeguarded from distortion, and the creation of Allaah are protected from falling into what?  Into the tahreef (distortion) of the corrupt individuals and into the blunders and into following the swindlers.

So if these people (i.e. who criticize the refutations) knew the reality: the advantages and benefits that result from the refutations, they would not utter such speech.

Due to this, the people who have the largest share in this topic are the Scholars.  Due to that, they have carried out this obligation by themselves with the best undertaking.  So you will find their refutations upon the people of error, falsehood and desire from the earliest days and they have books written in that regard.

Rather, many of the books of ’aqeedah (creed) authored by Ahlus-Sunnah were only written due to the deviation of the people of innovation.  So there was a need to clarify the Sunan in all of these issues and positions and to refute whosoever opposed them.

The Difference Between Sincere Advice and Revilement - al-Haafidh Ibn Rajab al-Hanbalee (d.795H)
The Difference Between Sincere Advice and Revilement – al-Haafidh Ibn Rajab al-Hanbalee (d.795H)

Therefore, the right of these people who write Sharee’ah legislated refutations is that they be honoured, respected and venerated, not that they be reviled.  So they have acted charitably towards us by safeguarding for us our Religion and safeguarding us, but we have acted in an evil manner towards them by reviling them and defacing their images and reputations and by running the people away from them.  So this, by Allaah is an unjust recompense.  So the likes of him and the likes of you are as the speaker said, “I want him to live, but he wants me to be killed.”

So you want for him to be safe from falling into deviation and going astray, but he wants to fight you by reviling you amongst the people and defacing your reputation and running the people away from you by saying, “They have nothing but refutations!”  It is as if refutations are now thought of as unfounded and disgraced!  We ask Allaah for protection and safety.” [1]


[1]: Taken from the fourth lesson of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Haadee’s explanation of the book, al-Farq baynan-Naseehah wat-Ta’yeer, of Ibn Rajab (d.795H), which was part of the sessions conducted at the eleventh religious seminar held at the ’Utbah Ibn Ghazwaan mosque in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Translation by Maaz Qureshi

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Shaykh Rabee's Refutation of ar-Ruhaylee's Treatise
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Excerpt from Shaykh Rabee’:

“Dr. Ibraaheem Ibn ‘Aamir al-Ruhaylee attempted to treat this great fitnah (trial, tribulation) in his treatise that he entitled, ‘al-Naseehah feemaa Yajibu Muraa’aattuhu ‘indal-Ikhtilaaf wa Dawaabitt Hajr al-Mukhaalif war-Radd ‘alayhi.’ However, he failed in this endeavor and blundered this attempt, as his advice was not clear at all. He did not differentiate between the oppressors and the oppressed and he did not clarify the good from the bad, despite his numerous guidelines, which only benefit the oppressor who is in opposition to the truth, the one who is actually responsible for flaming the light of this fitnah that Dr. Ibraaheem is attempting to remedy.”

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